If You’re in Need of a Moving Company, Call Us Right Away!

Finding an established moving company that can help during your relocation can result in a comfortable and fun moving experience. If you want to call an experienced mover in Marietta, GA, you’ll want to contact us here at Georgia Moving and Storage. Below are four reasons why you need to do so for your next relocation.


Our moving company is capable of providing you with the schedule that will have your items arrive at your new location. Our company takes pride in providing you with prompt, professional assistance. By calling us, you make things easier for your move. Not to mention, we can easily squeeze your huge furniture into that staircase! Our team is highly experienced in handling huge items during your relocation as well as transferring everything to the truck and then into your new location.


Even if you’re physically fit, heavy lifting leads to back strain and other health-related concerns. You could avoid heavy lifting during your relocation by calling our team here in Marietta, GA to guide you throughout the entire process. Hiring professional movers can lead to a more comfortable moving process. Our experienced movers know how to bring your items into the new location. In order to minimize damages, we make use of the right materials and deploy skilled workers to handle the relocation.

Highly Equipped

Discovering that you don’t have the right materials to make the necessary preparations for your relocation is frustrating! In addition, you not only risk breaking your back while lifting heavy items, but you also risk breaking your belongings in the process. To avoid such incidents, you should make use of the assistance of our professional movers. Once our team sees your belongings, we’ll be able to pick the right equipment and truck for the moving job.


Most homeowners know that residential moving is a tiring job; hence, your friends might agree to help you out though they may not be happy about it. Also, if your friend gets injured during the relocation, you’d have to pay for the hospital bill! In order to keep this from happening, you have to call our professional movers who are paid for this kind of job.

If you need a moving company that offers quality service, contact Georgia Moving and Storage at (678) 755-1407 right away!

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