Preparing for Moving Day

Preparing for Moving Day

Getting Ready Before You Call Up a Relocation Company

Once in a while, a business opportunity or a personal decision will put you in a position where you need to decide on moving across town or the state. As exciting as this might seem at the moment, the excitement can easily be dampened by the fact that the entire thing requires an awful lot of work. Fortunately, a relocation company can take such a burden off your shoulders. But this isn’t as easy as calling one.

In reality, you need to prepare for the move even before you ask movers to come over. On that note, here are a few things you should do before the big day:

Notify Utility Companies

When you move, your Internet connection, water source, and power grid won’t go with you. That’s why it’s imperative for you to notify these service providers when you’re planning to move from your current residence. This way, you can request them to transfer your utility to your new address.

If you miss out on this crucial task, you’d be in for a lot of headache. Your first few days at your new house won’t just be uncomfortable, but it’d also be hazardous. Imagine spending days and nights at your new abode without electricity, Internet connectivity, even water. It’d be a horrifying experience.

Decide What to Bring

As much as you want to bring every belonging you have at your new place, the fact is that doing so can heavily weigh down on your expenses. When your goal is to save up a bit during the move, you may have to sort out your stuff and determine the ones you’ll bring and the ones you won’t. This is another way to ensure that you won’t have to bother with de0cluttering at your new place.

What do you do with the stuff you’re not planning to bring with you? There are a couple of options and the easiest is to dispose of them by means of selling them through a garage sale. That or you could give them away to charities and loved ones. Another viable way to minimize the amount of baggage you’ll bring with you is to store them in some temporary storage space.

Book Movers Ahead of Time

Just because you’ve got a pickup truck or a utility van, it doesn’t mean that you can take on the move by yourself. For the most part, transporting your stuff isn’t the only chore you’d have on your moving to-do list. You’ll have to think about packing, labeling, and everything in between. That’s why you have to book movers in the first place as they can do all these for you.

The problem is that the good ones are often fully booked so it’d be hard to avail of their service at the last minute. It’d be wise to notify them of your moving plan months ahead.

If it’s a reliable relocation company that you seek in Marietta, GA, look no further. Lucky for you, Georgia Moving and Storage is here to meet your moving requirements. To know more about what we can do for your upcoming move, call us at (678) 755-1407 today!

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